For more than 55 years, the Piracanjuba brand has been gaining faithful consumers, not only because of the quality of its products, but also because of the service provided and the attention the company dedicates to its commercial partners.

Laticínios Bela Vista, owner of the Piracanjuba brand, has is always believed in quality, and seeks to meet and surpass our clients' and customers' expectations. The company is concerned with the well-being of the staff and the community where it is located. Additionally, it has been involved in social and environmental projects for many years.

Even though the company used to produce only butter, nowadays it is known as one of the largest dairy industries in Brazil, generating more than 800 direct jobs and about 20,000 indirect jobs. The company currently has approximately 6,000 registered suppliers and produces more than 2,600,000 liters of milk/day. Our product line includes UHT milk (Long Life), powdered milk, heavy cream, UHT milk beverage, condensed milk, flavored milk powder, cheese and butter. They are part of an extensive portfolio with more than 100 products with the Piracanjuba and Pirakids brands.

Keeping up with modern trends, Piracanjuba is changing its trade dress, and introducing new packaging and a new product line with enriched milk. The goal is to offer its many customers healthy products and convenience. This is a landmark that reasserts the company's disposition to continue to grow and gain market share, and a place in the heart and minds of the company's many consumers. This is how history will be written from now on:


Rodovia GO 020, Km 46, Zona Rural – Bela Vista de Goiás – GO
CEP 75240-000
Caixa Postal 020
Telephone (62) 3551.8000
Fax: (62) 3551.1718

Rodovia BR 282, Km 604,3, Zona Rural – Maravilha - SC CEP 89874-000

Milk delivery Station:

Rua Manoel Cardoso Naves nº 955 Centro - Iraí-MG
CEP: 38510-000
Telephone (34) 3845.1425

Rua Roda Pião nº 145, Centro - Santa Vitória – MG
CEP 38320-000
Telephone (34) 3251.2423